RetroMood Brown Vintage Watch for Women

RetroMood Brown Vintage Watch for Women
RetroMood Brown Vintage Watch for Women

Vintage means old or outmoded. These types of watches have their own grace and look and yes that is not necessary that it may belong to any famous or popular brand but then too feels so good when you buy such a watch to add to your collection. And they do come in different range i.e might be of high price or low price as well. This particular vintage watch has such a elegant look and is from a brand named as RetroMood . The name too matches its style and design That’s not necessary that these type of watches have a model number. But the model number for this particular vintage watch from Retro Mood is WAT0006.

Specifications of Retromood Vintage Watch:

The Band is made up of 100% leather material and is very unique and dedicated. The type of the watch is quartz and the display type is Analog. The material of the dial is of glass. This beautiful watch is specially designed for women. and can fit the wrist size fromĀ 6.4-7.7 Inches. The material of the Band is Cowhide Leather having a length about 7.87 inches and width of 0.47 inches. The case if of metal material with a diameter of 1.38 inch.

This watch does not have a feature like water resistant which other brands have but then too this beautiful and trendy look watch can add a beauty to your accessories. People obviously prefer to buy a branded watch if they want to add a brand value or beauty to their collection whether they are getting at the original cost or at a discounted price but why not to buy a vintage watch also that too can add a brand value as well as beauty to your collection. If it is not an expensive one then it will only add a beauty to your collection but if that too belongs to a brand then it will add a brand value too just like this watch. So, try this watch as well.

Price of this watch is $ 42.59.

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